Tuesday, 27 October 2009


We're not dead yet. Actually we're pretty much alive and working on the next issue of WIAL.

And for going with the amazing interview of Amelia Fletcher that Diana did, we were about to offer you the new digital and free single of Tender Trap. But, because I'm quite shity about upload and HTML code, you will have to get it yourself on the Fortuna Pop website.

(That's not a ramdom image I found on Google with Fireworks as key-word, that's the actual cover )

The first one, Fireworks, remind me a lot of The Aisler Set, wich is actually fair, considering that Aisler Set actually rip-off every band of Amelia Fletcher.

And, because Aisler Set is a good band, Tender Trap doing Aisler Set it's sounding like a Heavently spring pop song with some optimistic "Pap-pap-pap-pap-lalala" on the chorus in a 50's fashion with a big distored bassline. That's cute and touching.

I have to say I actually prefer the B-side (that's sound weird b-side for a digital single, isn't?), Grand National: it's more or less the same song with quiet-est backing vocal and the best rhythm in the galaxy: the famous Be My Baby/Just Like Honey "drum + tambourine", which give a good mod feeling to the song. And you can almost dance to it.

So anyway, go and download it: http://www.fortunapop.com/tender_trap_free_download.php


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