Saturday, 12 June 2010

Golden Grrrls, La La Vasquez, Brilliant Colors, 10/06/10, The 13th Note, Glasgow

After getting Di at work at 9, having a drink, going from a vegan place to another, arriving to the 13th Note late and missed Red Heat, which is certainly really sad.

Boo-boo, life is not easy.

Well, anyway, we can start:

Golden Grrrls

To keep it short:

[ (cute Flipper + early Happy Flowers drones + acid-liquid Helios Creed guitars) x morbid Beat Happening ] + the-coolest-drummer-in-the-world-since-Tobi-Vail = Golden Grrrls.

For a longer development, you have to add an intensity of out-of-the-world hyper active kids lost in massive, hypnotic blocks of noise. With hesitant, yet poppy, small voices, an adorable Lo-Fi/DIY/cassette culture/amateurism edge and a between songs longer than the songs themself.

So, they are currently the best band in the world, shortly surpass by the "Jonathan Richman, frontman of a TVP composed of members of Pastels, Song For Children era" that are Boredom Boys.

For the rest, they are a fucking brilliant and cute band playing a pure panda & kitten music.

La La Vasquez

Oh! Raincoats' Odychape in a folky gothic Residents' Fingerprince mood!

Errr... No, that's the Next Big Thing of the DIY indie scene. Hello La La Vasquez.

What's better than 3 girls playing with a fake innocence? (Ok, Bikini Kill). But, also 3 girls on acid playing with a fake innocence.

When, on records, La La Vasquez give an absurd (from absurdity, not an other word for "shit") version of the Marine Girls, on stage, they give an almost-arid abstract version of it.

On the simple base drums + bass and eerie double vocals of an amateurish Shangri-Las, the guitar fly above and launch dive attacks of groups of notes, almost unrelated to the rest.

Which give:

La La Vasquez = Illyushin IL-2 on a scout girls fire camp.

OK, the fact that the drummer was sick to death during the gig didn't help, I guess.

But, at the end, I rather liked it. They got for them this weird practice of psych-vocal on thin and un-deep sound. They're really cool, honestly.

Hum, what else? Oh yeah, on their cover of Blue Monday, the Tchak-Tchak-Tchak of the beginning remplaced by a Paf-Paf-Paf of cymbals. That made me laugh a lot. But I'm really childish. (and I mean, REALLY)

Last thing, the drummer, before her gig was taking pictures with a one-time camera. That's make them even cooler.

Last trio of girls of the night *: Brilliant Colors

The Ramones is obviously the cliché of any band playing fast and noisy pop, so I guess I have to name-drop it in the case of Brillant Colors. So I drop it:


Well, honestly, despite the brillant "We've got 15 minutes left, let's do 14 songs!", they reminded me more of a punchy Amen Dunes because of the strange echo vocals and of the Sterling Morrison solos style, which is always a good thing.

And Shop Assistants.

They actually don't sound or even look like it, it just get stuck in my head: Shop Assistants. I really don't know why, maybe the semi-punk, fast pulsation, in-your-head -without the ordinary macho pose of it- feeling they give to all their song. And the girls vocal as well.

Once again, really good, feeling even a bit more professional than the others (OMG, a band who don't do any false starts!).

All those beautiful red and blurry pics by Di on her non-working mobile phone.

* Two things: 1) I know there's a guy in Golden Grrls 2) about the 3-girls bands: I am sure it's actually significant and that I could build a whole bullshit theory about that. But not now, I don't feel concentrate enough. You should ask Ian Svenonius, I'm sure he've got something to say about it.

The point is the 3-girls garage/indie pop group has emerge from those last errr, let's say 3 years as a real archetype (like, before that, the 4 skinny guys doing dance-punk or the 2 Vice-type guy + 1 part-time American Apparel model doing forgettable synth-pop) in the underground field. Or something like that.

That's remind me a discussion some years ago with a friend about what could come after the noisy post-whatever wave of 2005-2008 and we agreed about a wave of rather melodic and direct bands like the 80's C-86 style bands could have been after all the post-punk and industrial experiment. We wasn't that far with all those pop-punk band, finally.

And, yes,I've got some really interesting discussion with my friends.