Sunday, 28 June 2009


Diana's top 5 summer songs:

Belle & Sebastian - A summer wasting
Beat Happening - Indian summer
Jens Lekman - A sweet summer's night on Hammer Hill
Castano Veloso - Alfomega
Talulah Gosh - Looking for a rainbow

For me summer have two different sides; one were you are outside in the park having a nice picnic with your friends, dancing, drinking beers, biking around the town, reading a book in the grass, taking a night swim and watching the sunset in the neverending summernights. And the other one is when you spend the days alone indoors, depressed and can't stand the heath. And I think these five songs show you both of the sides.

Monday, 15 June 2009

1. Issue Circle

The first ten copy of the first issue (all gone now, some new are on the way);

The start of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

Publishing the first note of a blog is always hard, dedicate to presention, ambition and all this things we don't really want to deal with.

We are former workers in a sub-famous Notting Hill-based second hand record shop (thereafter the name). Our wishes are to publish a fanzine in a old time way. With a help from a photocopy machine and Word instead of a typewriter (and many thanks to the library printer). We just want to answer all this questions who come to our mind when we listen to music, reading interviews, visiting a records shop. We want our fanzine to be open, dealing with our music mythology (from artist to record shop and independant labels economy). Nothing more, and certainly not something ambitious. We don't want to start something. Just write.

And this blog is just the web annex of this fanzine. To come... well we don't know yet. Certainly some articles, some videos, some pictures and some resources.