Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Ok, yesterday I read a bit in issue 3 and I just noticed quite a few mistakes (not only spelling and grammar) but other things, for exampel; John B McKenna haven´t been living in Glasgow for the past three days, but for the past three years. I guess that´s obvious! So for the next issue I think we need someone with good eyes for mistakes. Anyone? Of course you will get a free issue! x

Monday, 12 September 2011

3 x Glasgow

Gummy Stumps (featured in the latest issue of WIAL), just released a split vinyl with another Glasgow band. You can listen to the album here and as well, check out the Winning Sperm Party.

Three girls doing some kickass music! Just waiting for some recordings now. So for the moment, listen to this track

Golden Grrrls, a three piece band. 7" (pictured above) released on Night School Records (London). The drummer is amazing! Listen to them here (and don´t forget to buy the 7"!).