Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Glasgow school

Dear people of the world,

let me update you (since we're really bad to write for the moment);

the fanzine is in progress, even if we're lazy with the blog. I don't want to tell you all about it already now, but I think it will be totally smashing! On the way I have been in contact with some really nice and cute people, which I will thank later on when we finally having the next issue in our hands.

We're as well trying to organize things a bit better for the next issue, like opening a paypal account so you, who is interested actually can send us some money (only 2 pounds) and get a copy in return and do some more promotions. Hopefully we can sell some more copies at Mono here in Glasgow. But just to let you know, we probably still gonna be quite small, we don't have any plans to be the next evil emperor like in Star Wars. I basically just write this 'cause I'm excited about it and 'cause I love old school fanzines.

As well, Glasgow is like the best city ever and we have already been seeing some heroes like The Pastels, Edwyn Collins and Stuart Murdoch dancing to the music of Orange Juice. I guess we just have to do an 'Glasgow school'-issue next!


ps. Sorry about the pictures in the last post, of some reason I can't turn them right...
ps 2. keep an eye on the blog, soon we'll present some exciting articles by Ym.

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