Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Exciting stuff

Dear people,

I'm sorry we're so lazy (you should actually see us right now half laying, half asleep at the library, which is like our second home). BUT, even though the lazyness is taking over we're still working on the second issue! Yesterday we made an exciting and amazing 3 hour interview with one of our fav musician. I guess, if you checked Ym's facebook you already know who. Otherwise if I say; Glasgow, cute and "twee", you can probably figure out who it is. Both of us think that the next issue will be totally smashing and wonderful! Hopefully you will see it before next year. And since the new year will be 2010, we will of course be doing some kind of list of music we loved and still love during the 10 past years. 10 years is a long period, so it will be difficult doing it. But we'll give it a try!

Well, guess this kind of post is the most common on this blog. Yes, we're lazy and yes we aware of it. Kisses

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