Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stoner summer

YM's Top 5 Summer Songs

1) Kyuss - Green Machine

Ok, Kyuss: lonely town under summer sun; slow, heavy, desesparate. Sand, dust and no wind. How can be more summer than Kyuss?

2) Bardo Pond - Be a Fish

I saw once Invocation For My Brother Demon (officialy the only cool Kenneth Anger movie, kids) without the Mick Jagger soundtrack. Instead a slow, long and deep song remainding of Bardo Pond. So, Be a Fish...

End of the day. It still warm and the night begin. In a dirty and destroyed house, a bunch of mates, all of them high. And a fragile wall of noise, a voice close to the extinction flying above. That's Be a Fish.

(BTW, if anyone know about the soudtrack of this version of Invocation, give us a shout)

3) Acid King - Free

An unreachable Lorelei in Stahlhelm M35 riding a huge chopper in slow motion.

Think She-Devils on Wheels. Mighty girls cast as knight of Apocalypse on mighty bikes. (OK, the band of badass girls is a total cliché. But that cliché fucking rules!)

4) Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat

Commune house again. Everybody waisted again. Semi-improvised song, out of tune solo, distorded backing voice and the whole tape melt in excess. Summer end of night.

5) JJ Johnson - Theme From Cleopatra Jones

Quite the opposite of the other songs, classy, soft, well recorded, even danceable. And an other cliché: Cleopatra Jones.

A female James Bond from the ghetto, she's tough and funny, she's kicking drugs out and helping the kids to stay in the straight way. Yeah, she's in the police. But she's funky, she's riding a nice car and even say "Damned" to her superior. And that's pretty cool.

BTW, if for the summer you rather go to the beach with your parents and not with your friends to camp in the desert with loads of LSD, the two albums of the Marine Girls are totally perfect.

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